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Alternative theme songs for winter games

by: Randy -
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If I asked you to recall that one Gears of War trailer where Marcus Phenix runs down a narrow street and shoots at an alien with spidery eyes, you might not have any idea of which one I'm talking about.  But if I asked you to recall that one trailer with the Donnie Darko version of "Mad World" playing, then I bet you'd know.

if I asked you to remember that one Assassin's Creed video where Altair is flicking out his wrist dagger and leaping across some rooftops in slow motion ... that could be anybody's guess.  But if I asked you to remember that one video scored by UNKLE's "God Knows Your Lonely Souls," then I bet you'd know that one too.

A killer soundtrack can go a long ways -- longer than its typical 3 minutes and 30 seconds during some fleeting cinematic presentation.  Here's five games coming out in the next several weeks that could benefit from having a memorable song scoring a GameTrailers video.  These recommendations are probably only half as apt as Assassin's Creed's, and nowhere even close to as brilliant as Gears of War's.  Nevertheless:  [Read all of "Alternative theme songs for winter games" in our Blogs section.]