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Gen Con 2008: King’s Bounty: The Legend impressions

by: Tyler -
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While strolling by the Atari booth on my first hour of the convention, my attention was immediately drawn to what turns out to be my biggest surprise of Gen Con—King’s Bounty: The Legend.  I had no idea this was even in the works, I’m ashamed to say, but now that I’m aware I’m as excited as can be.  Being a huge fan of the original and its spin-off series, Heroes of Might and Magic, I could barely contain myself when I saw that brightly-colored fantasy game staring me in the face.  I quickly set myself up for a quick run-down of the game.<

Turns out that King’s Bounty: The Legend has already been available in European markets for some time, and it’s been gathering award after award with its addictive game play.  Those familiar with the original or the HoMM series will instantly recognize the game style, although King’s Bounty is much more an RPG than a strategy.

Players take control of one of three Hero types, and set across the map in real-time action, acquiring quests and goodies as they go.  Heroes also gather forces for their armies, much as in the HoMM series, building up stacks of various forces and critters.  When confronted with an enemy, game play drops into a turn-based tactical mode, very similar to the predecessor games.  Here stacks of units battle it out, moving about the hex map and jockeying for that perfect attack position.  There is a nice assortment of units to choose from, many with some fairly nifty abilities.  To round things out, the Hero units can influence battle with spells and powers, either fueled by Magic or a force called Rage.  Heroes gain experience and levels as they quest about the land, and in typical RPG fashion they gain special abilities as they grow.  Given about 30 levels to attain, players can tailor their Heroes with some impressive abilities as fits their play style.

Graphically, King’s Bounty: The Legend looks great.  From the brightly-colored setting, to the detailed units and spell effects, to the background detail, there’s a constant treat for the eyes.  I didn’t get a lot of time hands-on, but the interface seemed smooth and easily navigable.   I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on this one, which is currently slated for English-language release sometime this fall.  Head over to www.kings-bounty.com for a few more tidbits of information.