What we're playing this weekend

by: Chuck -
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Apologies for getting this up late but the PC upgrade didn't go as planned.

Elliot Bonnie
Still working very slowly on Final Fantasy XII while also probably playing some NCAA March Madness 07. I picked up March Madness for $3.19 the other day and this pretty much proves that I will purchase any game for under $5. Oh yeah, I'm also playing the Fable II Pub Games.

Sean Colleli
With the summer drought in full parching swing, I'm revisiting some games I never had time to finish.  I'm about halfway through Okami on the Wii, and I might give Prey another go.  I'm also playing a bunch of old Star Wars games, to make sure my recently finished editorial isn't just a case of nostalgia blinding my reason. Okami is pure brilliance--it's like the good games Nintendo used to make, but now refuse to.  If you're a starving Wii owner with nothing to play, get Okami.  It's budget priced and worlds better than most of the minigame crap Nintendo is churning out these days.

Charles Husemann
I'll be playing "Why doesn't this thing want to f**king work" while I try to rebuild my PC.  Apparently pairs of pairs of memory don't exactly play well together.  Other than that I'll be digging through Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty and the usual rounds of Team Fortress 2.

Randy Kalista
Just shot the cardboard-and-foam puzzle challenge known as an "Xbox Coffin" back at Microsoft.  Why oh why did my 360 have to die the moment Braid came out?  It was going to be my maiden XBLA purchase.  Still will be.  Regardless, in a Perfect World, I'll be sampling this made-in-China MMORPG that's shifted from a pay-to-play to a free-to-play model (a la ArchLord).  Which means, essentially, that it's been through heftier development polishing than the average F2P title.  From the screens, it looks like a lot of that dev money went into sparkly wings and cat ears on females.

Matt Mirkovich
I picked up Resistance: Fall of Man and Warhawk since they are on the cheap and my PS3 collection needed a boost. I get the feeling the PS3 is going to be the next gen equivalent of my XBox, where I own 150+ titles for my PS2, but like 20 for the XBox. It seems to be the other way around for the PS3/360 battle this time. I've also got Final Fantasy Tactics A2 in the DS, and Disgaea 3 just waiting to be explored.

Nathan Murray
My girlfriend has Rock Band so I will be practicing my drumming skills at her place. Never bought the game myself even though I love it. I have too much respect for my neighbors to subject them to the onslaught of furious pounding that happens when I play faster songs. After playing SoulCalibur IV at a friend's house I've decided not to purchase that title. Something about the controls and super finishing combos just didn't sit right with me. Although participating in Yoda vs. Yoda lightsaber duels are hilarious since he was optimized to face opponents taller than himself. When Yoda faces off against himself it really does look like a couple kids just swinging toys around :D

Sean Nack
I'll be killing time with Civ Rev until The Force Unleashed comes out.

Tyler Sager
Not a whole lot on my plate this weekend...still recovering from GenCon.  I've had a hankerin' for Half-Life 2 for some reason, so I'll probably fire that up for a bit.  I'm hesitant to dive into any new titles, since there are several gems just on the horizon waiting to swallow my time...

Eva Sines
Oblivion if I can get my FCOM mod running... GRRR!

Dan Keener
Spending the last of my quality time with the Sharp GP3 playing some Oblivion and Rock Band on the Xbox 360.  Had to loan the other 360 to GN and XbA staffer Sean Cahill, as his also is en route to the Microsoft mortician down in Texas with Tres luces rojas de la muerte...