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Gaming Gibs for 8/22/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while watching the first 10 minutes of Rosario Dawson's new show:
  • Good News: Team Fortress 2 updates coming to the Xbox 360/Bad News: Microsoft is going to make you pay for them
  • Remember how bad Asteroids was on the Atari 2600?  Shudder
  • RPS breaks down the Red Alert 3 trailer - "War and boobs"
  • Game development books that never were.  Denis Dyack's version of "How to make friends and influence people" left off the list.
  • Capcom posts illustrated guide to Bionic Commando
  • Design lessons from Braid broken down, still awesome
  • Grand Theft Auto IV DLC due out this fall, will finally get to see what Microsoft paid all that money for
  • Alan Wake - still alive.  Hurry please
  • Netflix coming to the PS3? 
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