Change the African landscape with Far Cry 2's map editor

by: Randy -
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I may have an oh-so-tender spot for map making, but that doesn't mean people disinclined towards drawing up their own playgrounds won't find this video exciting.  This map editor for Far Cry 2 features the most intuitive user interface I've seen since Sim City 4's, and certainly the easiest drag-and-drop action I've witnessed for an FPS editor.  And being from Montreal, Canada, the Ubisoft team couldn't help but toss in an homage to their Mecca, Paris.

But if pretty, pretty pictures aren't enough to get you in the mood -- and you need some freshly-baked literary soul food to get your guns oiled -- then it's time to revisit War Cry 2's in-game and in-character blog, War Unlimited: My Journey Through a Warzone.  It rocks a war-journalist vibe in the war-torn countryside, with a war-time aesthetic hinting at war veteran Ernest Hemingway's short stories. I know our newly-inducted writer, Sean Nack, has already been subscribing to this one.