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News Roundup: FUEL Armageddon for Answer

by: Randy -
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  • After rebate, the Diamond HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 Video Card can be found sub-$250.  Find out if you care.
  • Gamertrainer.com launches service to provide private, online training sessions to console and PC gamers of any skill level.
  • Exit Games' Neutron online gaming platform is now compatible with iPhone.  (I know it's not officially counted in the handheld gaming device arms race, but uh, Apple just sold 3 million of the 3G iPhones in only one month.  So I'm thinking game developers are now paying attention.)
  • PC Gaming Alliance illuminate state of PC gaming worldwide with release of Horizons Report.
  • Gamescampus' Shot Online is chosen for GNGWC (Game and Game World Championship) 2008.
Thanks to AtomicGamer, Gamertrainer.com, Legit Reviews, and GamesCampus for today's News Roundup.