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Gaming Gibs for 8/18/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while checking out bizzare chess sets:
  • Pub Games already hacked, try not to be too surprised
  • New Ferrari will be in Gran Turismo 5, should be fun to take around the Top Gear track
  • Sega joins everyone else in warning about flood of Wii crap, may be a few months too late
  • Pirates respond to developer inquiry, somewhere a part of me dies
  • Rumor: EA fixing price on second hand games?  Umpossible!
  • Playing with Microsoft's balls looks like fun, no not what you think
  • Click click click, How click Diablo III click to will appeal click to a wider audience click click click
  • Alone in the Dark brings in the cash for Atari
  • Gabe and Tycho learn that making games is hard work
  • Wii's can play DVD's but you have to do a little hacking
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