What we're playing this weekend

by: Chuck -
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Elliot Bonnie
Hoping to find a copy of Motorstorm on the cheap, might spend some more time in Liberty City, and I am sure to be playing ample amounts of Braid.

Sean Colleli
Not much for me this week, I've started playing Trauma Center 2 on hard, and I might start a playthrough of Mass Effect.

Dave Gamble
I'm working as a short order cook with Order Up! for the Wii. I've burned my diner to the ground three times already, but on the plus side I've only been shut down for a rat infestation once. Take that, Burger King.

Charles Husemann
Given the strength of Cyril's feelings for the game I'll be checking out Braid this weekend and give the Too Human demo another try if I have time. My cousin is getting hitched this weekend and I'm entertaining my family before and after the ceremony. I imagine I'll also be firing up Team Fortress 2 and PixelJunk Eden as well.

Matt Mirkovich
Final Fantasy IV on the DS. Siren: Blood Curse on the PS3. Some Soul Calibur IV on both systems. And if I find the time, I picked up Braid on XBLA, which is an interesting title to say the least, but I don't know where I stand on it yet.

Nathan Murray
Cyril has established that Braid is the best thing to happen since, well, retro gaming(?). I will be downloading the demo of Braid on XBLA if for nothing more than to tell him I still prefer to steal pie. No other plans this weekend except school work and Shadowrun on Sunday (not that crappy FPS). I'm still addicted to COD 4 online multiplayer like it's crack so I will probably playing that whenever I need a video game fix.

Randy Kalista
With the entire Homestar Runner cast proving integral to my college years, I'm stoked that I got my hands on a beta build of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. A gag order's in effect until Monday, so mum's the word for now. Otherwise, I'm taking indie-built, old-school, turn-based movements through an RPG epiphany of sorts for me, Eschalon: Book I.

Tyler Sager
Gaming is coming to a standstill for the next few weeks over here, as a little world event is taking precedent. With a DVR running non-stop, and a continuous video stream pumping into my computer, our house is hooked on the Olympic games. I might, should I somehow get tired of it all, try out the newest beta of Sins of a Solar Empire, just to see all the new goodies.

John Yan
Well I'm going to get Team Fortress 2 in this weekend that's for sure. I'm also going to continue to burn my soul on Soul Calibur IV and finally, I'll check out Braid to see if it's good enough to buy.