What we're playing this weekend

by: Chuck -
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Ben Berry
I'll be on vacation in the mountains of North Carolina, but fear not I'll still be rockin out. We're taking the 360 and Rock Band with us for the future in-laws to have some fun with it when we're tired from whitewater rafting, hiking, and swimming.

Elliot Bonnie
I've been playing a bunch of Xbox games recently... Jade Empire, Crimson Skies, and Fable are all on my list this weekend.

Sean Colleli
I'm still a little skeptical about that new Star Wars game with maybe some Soul Caliber in there too, and I'm kinda broke, so I'll hold off on that.  In the meantime I'm playing Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 to death.  Most of the operations are re-treads of the ones in New Blood, and there's no co-op, but the game is still incredibly addictive and it's just great to have Trauma Center on the DS again.

Charles Husemann
I'm sure I'll be firing up Soul Calibur IV at some point this weekend but I've got to escape from the grasp of PixelJunk Eden and 1942:Joint Strike first.  I've never been a downloadable game fan but thse two games keep me coming back for more.  At some point I'll be setting up sentries in Team Fortress 2 as well.

Randy Kalista
Was going to do a little 'soul searching' myself this weekend, but I'd picked up Soulcalibur IV and took it back the next day.  And -- I fully admit -- I took it back for all the wrong reasons (as far as a fighting game is concerned):  I didn't appreciate the manga characters interbreeding with the regular roster, the announcer still didn't have any compelling backstory written for anyone, their opening and closing one-liners could be shuffled amongst themselves and it wouldn't matter, and the eye-grating JRPG fonts on the menus offend my senses.  So, fine.  I'm a jerk.  I deserve that.  I'm heading back to point-and-click land with Art of Murder: FBI Confidential.

Matt Mirkovich
Yeah there is some burning soul action going on with me. I picked up both the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 versions of Soul Calibur IV because of all the people I know that have different consoles. I'm also playing Final Fantasy 4 on the DS and The World Ends With You continues to dominate my DS. I've got Castlevania Aria of Sorrow in the GBA slot in anticipation of Order of Ecclesia.

Nathan Murray
Gamer Down! I will be not playing anything since I have a 4 hour lab tomorrow and two exams on Monday. So the Dragon Ball Z:Burst Limit  will have to wait at least another week. I did get the article for origins done so hopefully that will be up soon.

Tyler Sager
I'll just be finishing up Overlord: Raising Hell and trying to make heads or tails of DBZ: Burst Limit.  I'll probably also be playing a bit too much Titan Quest.  I just seem to keep going back to the hack-n-slash...

Rachel Steiner
I've finally beaten Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon so I'll be moving on to continuing Final Fantasy III and Magical Starsign

John Yan
I like many have picked up Soul Calibur IV and will be traversing through the game to get all the unlockables I can. If I find Chuck online, I'll play some 1942. And of course I'm a regular on Team Fortress 2.