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Gaming Gibs for 7/30/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while being transfixed by bar code art:
  • Uncharted's trophies seem familiar
  • The PS3 has passed the Xbox 360, at least for EA
  • More proof that Jack Thompson is a media whore
  • Carmack's iPhone game to feature amaaaazing graphics,and probably monster closets
  • Picking up Warhawk now that it's cheap?  The PS blog has some pro-tips for you
  • Champions Online approved as a concept for the Xbox 360
  • Gaming division at Sony finally profitable, rest of the company not so much
  • Nvidia bringing PhysX to laptops, still needs more developer support
  • Novint lists all of the games with Falcon support, not bad but still needs more
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