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Gaming Gibs for 7/22/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while becoming a soccer hooligan:
  • Alan Wake is not going to be shown at TGS after all, is it time to get worried yet?
  • Mythos servers shut down, it's time for a new free MMO folks
  • Bioshock PS3 trophies detailed, seem familiar
  • Have casual games gone too far?  Not until the money starts flowing in like a tidal wave
  • Trailer for new Halo game was "pretty awesome", wonder if we'll see it at Comic Con or PAX?
  • Cammi Dunaway wasn't faking it...make your own comment
  • Want to try the other classes in the Too Human demo?  Here's how.  Not sure that you want to waste your time though
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