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Elliot Bonnie
Looks like I will celebrating July 4th weekend with the epic Metal Gear Solid 4. Love it or hate it... you have to respect Hideo Kojima's vision and execution.

Sean Colleli
The review titles are catching up to me.  I finally installed Kung Fu Panda for PC, which is a fun little action game for kids, although it doesn't play well on a keyboard and even on my impressive rig it runs a little slow.  I finally got the good achievements for the Medic and Pyro in Team Fortress 2, so I'll be putting the backburner and blutsauger through their paces this weekend. I'm also reviewing Space Invaders Extreme and Arkanoid DS.  Space Invaders is great, a fun, addictive and substantial update of the arcade classic, while Arkanoid is, well...Arkanoid.  Not much you can do to modernize that game.

Charles Husemann
This weekend will likely be spent recuperating from my annual Fourth of July party but I'm going to try and wrap up Battlefield:Bad Company and Civilization Revolutions this weekend.  Of course Team Fortress 2 will be on the docket as the race for Pyro achievements finally seems to be leveling off.  I might also spend some time ironing out the E3 schedule as I'm compressing three days of meetings into two days.

Randy Kalista
Strolling the Barnes & Noble, I spotted a strikingly familiar logo on a pocket-sized book in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section:  The spiky-maned wolf symbol from CD Projekt's RPG stunner, The Witcher.  Titled The Last Wish, it introduces Geralt de Rivia, the witcher in question, and is more of an episodic detective novel -- of all things -- with monster mashing and winks toward folk stories like Grimm's fairy tales.  It's even better than you think.  I've reinstalled The Witcher along with the v1.3 patch ... and I'll polish off the Polish novel during the copious load screens.  And if this rumor is to be believed (I personally could not find corroborating evidence), then The Witcher is hunting down PS3 programmers.

Dan Keener
If the rain holds off, I will be attending the annual 4th of July "Chuckfest" and Fireworks show (Parking is Free!) featuring Rock Band and an actual use for the Nintendo Wii.  I also will continue my quest up in Alaska's Bearing Sea to fill my tanks with my crab quota before the season ends next week.  Like John, I may have to pull out some classic Diablo II and get back into one of the greatest games of all time...

Cyril Lachel
This weekend I plan on finalizing all of my E3 plans.  Yes, I know I should have done this weeks (if not months) ago, but there's that rush of adrenaline that you get when you wait until the very last second.  Actually, that's a lie, but it's a lot less embarrassing than the truth.  When I'm not stressing over hotels, flights, conferences, interviews, and the like, I will be playing games for fun (as opposed to playing for review).  I'm still completely addicted to Space Invaders Extreme, there's just something about that game that keeps me coming back for more.  I also intend to go through both Maximo: Ghosts to Glory and Maximo vs. Army of Zin, both for a Ghosts 'N Goblins article I'm working on.  And if I still have time, I think I might try and beat The Bourne Conspiracy on the hardest difficulty.  Let's hope I can get to all that."

Matt Mirkovich
I am taking a gaming vow of silence until Chrono Trigger is released on the DS in the US... Okay they announced it. Uh... more Persona, Summon Night Twin Age on the DS. Surprisingly Arkanoid and Space Invaders Extreme are a lot of fun. It's mostly old gen stuff for me this week since there is nothing for me to be excited about except Soul Calibur 4.

Nathan Murray
I've started back at school taking summer classes so my weekend will consist of Biology labs and the Shadow Run RPG. I'm paitently waiting for my copy of DBZ Burst Limit and right now I'm also very interested in Soul Caliber 4.

John Yan
It just seems I can't get away from nabbing intelligence, setting people on fire, and mowing down people with my trusty Sasha. With the recent announcement of Diablo III I'm half tempted to load up the second one and hunt down the big red demon again. I also found my original Fallout CD so I might traverse the wastelands to save my vault.