What we're playing this weekend

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Elliot Bonnie
Still playing my usual mess of games... teaching myself how to drift in Forza 2 and hopefully spending some quality time with Battlefield: Bad Company.

Charles Husemann
This weekend I'll be wrapping up Battlefield: Bad Company which is a hell of a lot better than I expected. I've almost completed the single player side of the game and while it's not Call of Duty 4 it's a pretty solid experience. I imagine I'll also be firing up Team Fortress 2 and Civilization:Revolutions.

Randy Kalista
I'm piggybacking Dave's Wii review of Kung Fu Panda with the Xbox 360 version. It's too bad all video game developers don't have the capital and/or desire to unequivocally go as cross-platform as movie tie-ins typically do. Otherwise, in mental preparation for a pre-E3 food/folks/fun meeting with video game publisher CDV and developer Ascaron, I'm brushing up on my isometric-RPG skills with 2005's Sacred.

Dan Keener
It's Guys weekend on the Bourbon Trail! In-between swigs of Maker's Mark and Jim Beam fresh from the Distillery, we will be breaking out the 360 and jamming to some Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Probably play some NCAA Football and Burnout Paradise as well. Also it looks like I will be pulling some strings of pots fishing for crab, as we have a quick turnaround to meet our quota....

Nathan Murray
Finally got Live working so COD4 has become my life. Well not really but it is kind of hard to play other games.

Tyler Sager
Not sure exactly what I'll get into this weekend. I've been having a blast with Galactic Civilizations 2: Twilight of the Arnor, so I'll undoubtedly be diving into some galactic conquest. I might also fire up The Witcher, but we'll see if I get into it too much before the big patch comes out...

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