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Xbox 360 price drop could be here July 6

by: John -
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If its true, this is isn't the first time a price drop was announced via an ad rather than through the company itself. Scans of a KMart ad show the price of a 20GB Xbox 360 being $299 which is a $50 drop from its current cost. $299 will be the same cost as the Arcade version so if this is indeed true I expect anywhere from $20 to $50 cut on the Arcade version and $50 on the Elite. I think the 360 is due for another drop since it has been a year since the last price cut so I'm not too surprised if this comes to fruition for the console rather than being a KMart sale. A $250 360 Arcade version would of course put it right in line with the Wii's pricing point and for me making an attractive price for a cheap Media Center Extender with added capabilities. Let's see what comes out of this in the next week or so.
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