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Rumor: Sony to release in-game XMB during E3?

by: Chuck -
CVG is thinking that Sony will finally be taking the wraps off in-game XMB during E3 next month.  Their internal spies are telling them that the release will include the following features and be available through the XMB:

* Friend category
* View, send, receive messages
* Manage downloads
* Set the vibration feature of the controller
* Sign in to PlayStation Network
* Register friends
* Manage Bluetooth devices
* Terminate the game
* Music category
* Use the system BGM
* Work the system BGM operation panel
* Settings category
* Assign controllers
* View profiles
* Game category
* Set audio devices
* Use the voice changer

I'm hoping this is accurate as I'm already a bit sick of reporting about in-game XMB and it's really one of the few things that Xbox Live has over PSN right now (and it's free).