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Microsoft Rumors a plenty - System getting Karaoke/Mii like Avatars

by: Chuck -
More On: Xbox 360
A bunch of semi-credible Xbox 360 rumors have surfaced today that are just crazy enough to be true.

The first is that the Xbox 360 is getting Mii like Avatars later this year.  According to some uncovered documents the "avatars" will replace your gamercard picture as your representation in the online world.  I could see this for some of the casual games but I'm not necessarily sure this is really going to get the Halo and Gears of War fans excited. 

The second rumor is that Microsoft will be unveiling a new karaoke game called Lips that will allow you to not only play the included songs but play your own songs from your musical device of choice.  This would be Microsoft's answer to SingStar and it certainly seems like a cool concept if you're into karaoke (I'm looking at you Ben). 

I'm not sure how credible these rumors are but given that most rumors about Microsoft tend to be true (except for the Blu Ray ones) I'd almost put money that we'll hear more about these at E3 next month.
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