What we're playing this weekend

by: Chuck -
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There's a lot of Kung Fu and snakes this week as we play some of the weeks new releases as well as some our usual staples:

Elliott Bonnie
Dreaming of MGS4, but actually playing more GRID and possibly a little GTA IV.

Sean Colleli
Unlike several other GN staffers, I'm putting off playing Kung Fu Panda as long as possible, because the movie looks incredibly stupid.  I know I shouldn't judge a movie by its trailers but Shrek 3 heightened my skepticism to new levels.  Now that Rachel mentions it I might pick Rune Factory up again, and unless a PS3 magically appears on my doorstep I won't be playing MGS4.  That'll give me more Team Fortress 2 time, though.

Charles Husemann
With a new day job secured this weekend will be spent with the usual suspects (Team Fortress 2 and Rock Band) along with a game that I can't talk about yet but I can say that it is a bit of a revolution.

Randy Kalista
A veritable herd of Kung Fu Panda games waddled into the GamingNexus offices, and I scooped the 360 version.  Okay, "offices" is a brazen misnomer, but my Jack Black 'bromance' certainly isn't.  Skidoosh!  (Hey, go rent Margot at the Wedding if you don't think his thespian skills have matured.)  Otherwise, I'll be practicing my cuss word enunciation during each and every one of GRID's 24 Hours of Le Mans races.

Matt Mirkovich

Nathan Murray
I also am having a man crush on one lovable panda named Po. I saw the movie this weekend and was blown away. And there were no fart jokes. Not a single one. Amazing. I used some of my birthday money to buy some long overdue titles I missed out on by not early adapting to the 360 which include Dead Rising, Far Cry, and Armored Core 4. I've been enjoying each but Dead Rising has the most twisted sense of humor I've encounter in a video game. Seriously a shower head? Oh and I FINALLY beat GH III on HARD. The guitar battle with Lou is now mixing in with my dreams (nightmares?) of killing zombies.

Rachel Steiner
I'm sticking to the DS port of Final Fantasy 3 at the moment. I've already finished The World Ends With You as well as Rune Factory.

John Yan
Again, it's going to be a slow weekend for me as I have to take care of other businesses but as always I'm going to try to find some time for a quick round or two of Team Fortress 2. I'm going to be sad knowing I won't have time this weekend to get into the final mission of Solid Snake's career on Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots but you bet I'll be there next week.