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EVE Online enters the Empyrean Age

by: Randy -
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With this expansion named after the dwelling-place of God and the blessed, and as the source of light in the heavens, Empyrean Age unfolded large-scale factional warfare in the EVE Online universe today.  This is the eighth free expansion in what is one of the most intelligent and uniquely-constructed MMOs on the market.  Empyrean Age introduces (we have full details after the jump):
  • Factional Militias and Ranks
  • Factional Warfare Agents
  • Pilot Statistics
  • System Occupancy
  • Combat Zones
  • Factional Warfare Complexes
  • World Shaping.
If you're the literary type, ORION Books is publishing Tony Gonzales' EVE: The Empyrean Age, to be released on June 19th in the UK, with worldwide distribution to follow.
Factional Warfare Erupts in EVE Online with Launch of Empyrean Age
CCP Unfolds New Storyline and Gameplay in Free Expansion

Reykjavik, Iceland - June 11, 2008 - CCP, one of the world's leading
independent game developers, today announced the launch of the eighth free
expansion for EVE Online, its popular massively multi-player online game
(MMOG). EVE Online: Empyrean Age destroys the peace of New Eden as long
suppressed political tensions between the four major Empires of EVE boil
over into direct conflict. Stalwart starship pilots join the newly mustered
militias and make solitary strikes deep within enemy territory. By choosing
sides in this epic war, players have the power to direct the course of the
conflict. New players can quickly immerse themselves in the EVE universe by
diving into large-scale factional battles.

The events leading to the outbreak of war in the expansion are based on the
science-fiction novel, EVE: The Empyrean Age, utilizing a rare and dynamic
creative style where an MMO and traditional literature mirror each other's
development. Written by EVE novelist Tony Gonzales, EVE: The Empyrean Age
will be released in the UK by ORION Books on June 19, 2008 with worldwide
distribution to follow.

"Factional Warfare has been on the wish list for a while and we're excited
to be able to introduce it in this expansion, giving players a new framework
to engage in roleplaying and Player versus Player (PvP)," said Noah Ward,
lead designer for CCP. "The focus is on accessibility and fun. The features
in Empyrean Age will appeal to players on many different levels: a tightly
integrated storyline, social camaraderie, focused combat and battle

The dawn of the Empyrean Age entails the following new features:
€ Factional Militias and Ranks - The militias serve to organize each
government's war effort. All militia members will share a chat channel to
allow them to quickly coordinate strategy. The ranking system rewards
talented pilots by granting titles and recognition within their chosen
€ Factional Warfare Agents - More than 260 new militia agents coordinate the
activities of militia pilots and assign missions inside enemy territory.
€ Statistics - Pilots can track their own warfare victories and kill
statistics, as well as those of their corporation and militia. In addition,
the galactic map has new options to show system control status and to detect
the presence of hostile militia forces.
€ System Occupancy - Occupancy is gained by winning conflicts in contested
complexes and indicates that the militia is succeeding in capturing and
holding valuable territory for their empire.
€ Combat Zones - Starship pilots will find a variety of combat zones in low
security space. Each of the systems within a combat zone contains a System
Control Bunker which coordinates all activity within that system's Factional
Warfare Complexes. Once a militia defeats a certain number of complexes,
they are authorized to attack the bunker. A victory against the Control
Bunker shifts control of the system to the victorious militia.
€ Factional Warfare Complexes - Militia pilots that successfully scan for a
hidden deadspace complex and hold it uncontested for a set amount of time
will claim it for their faction, and be rewarded with corporate standing as
well as more tangible benefits.
€ World Shaping - The confines of settled space cannot contain a war of this
scale, causing the fighting to spill over into a new region. Named "Black
Rise," this new region contains 49 new star systems, 80 new agents and
nearly 40 stations, many of which are already sworn to one faction or

A list of features with full details can be found at

EVE Online: Empyrean Age is available for subscribers as a free download at
www.eve-online.com/download/. Non-subscribers should visit the EVE website
to sign up for a free 14-day trial account.

EVE: The Empyrean Age, published by ORION Books, will be available in the UK
through online outlets such as Amazon, PLAY, Waterstone's and The Book
Depository as well as select retailers including Borders and The Forbidden

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