Take-Two announces delay of Xbox 360 exclusive GTA IV Content

by: Dan -
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One little nugget of coal in the Take-Two report yesterday was the announcement that the exclusive Xbox 360 content for Grand Theft Auto IV that Microsoft paid big bucks for was going to be delayed until fiscal first quarter 2009 (Nov '08 to Jan '09). Take-two provided the explanation that it would be to "better balance" the release schedule. The item that was buried in the report:

"Fiscal 2008 guidance reflects the release of the first installment of episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV for Xbox 360 in the first quarter of fiscal 2009 instead of the fourth quarter of fiscal 2008 in order to provide a better balance in Take-Two's release schedule."

I'm interested to see what Microsoft's take on this is, as that may push the content right into the path that will be the freight train known as Gears of War 2. Then again, if it is released around Christmas time, MS could see a massive amount of Microsoft Point sales as people by pre-paid cards as gifts.