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Good look at PS3 since the launch

by: John -
I really like the articles on Ars Technica and they did one good job at revisiting the PlayStation 3. They go through what the console has done right since, what's still wrong, and so forth. I find myself lately turning on this machine more and more. I've especially turned to it after my frustrating experiences with my Xbox 360 locking up all the time in Grand Theft Auto 4. No other game locks up on my 360 and GTA4 locks up every few minutes nowadays. My disc is clean too so I don't think it's the discs fault. With that I've been spending more and more time with the PS3 and MLB 08 The Show. My next step is use it as my main media extender. I've gotten a little tired at the slowness of the 360's extender as well as how loud it is. The PS3 is whisper quiet and ideal for watching shows. More updates are coming out for the PS3 and the console keeps getting better and better. Next week, of course, is the big one with Metal Gear Solid 4 coming out. It seems like it was like this with the PlayStation 2. While not really great to own on launch with few games, it was a lot better a year later. The same seems to be for the PlayStation 3.