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Devil May Cry 4 PC Demo out now

by: Chuck -
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Capcom has released a demo of the PC version of Devil May Cry 4.  The demo contains two missions and a benchmarking tool so you can see how much new hardware you're going to have to throw at the game to play it at a reasonable framerate.  The PC version does have a few extras not included with the console version of the game including a new Turbo mode and the Dark Knight mode which adds a ton of enemies to the game.  There's also the ability to run the game at 120 fps which is just a bit over overkill if you ask me.
This demo features two missions and Benchmark Test Mode for hardcore Devil May Cry gamers and PC enthusiasts to check out. Including, Executioner Mission, which tasks the player to tackle a boss battle right out of the gate, Exterminator Mission, which is a 10 minute level challenge, and Benchmark Test Mode, which allows you to test how well DMC 4 performs on your PC rig.

For those uninitiated, the PC version of Devil May Cry 4 will feature a host of new features exclusive to this version, including Turbo Mode, which turns up the speed for insane action, and Dark Knight Mode, which will harness the processing speed of your PC to deliver unbelievable numbers of on-screen enemies to combat. Additionally, Devil May Cry 4 also supports 120 frames per second (up from 30 frames per second in the console version), both Direct X 9 and Direct X 10 modes, and will be fully compliant with the Games For Windows program.
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