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Quick Impressions of the Battlefield Bad Company Demo

by: Elliot -
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Being a console gamer, I don't have much experience with the Battlefield series, but I can tell you Battlefield Bad Company looks to be a solid entry in the series. Read onward for my quick impressions of the single and multiplayer demo available on Xbox Live next week.
Battlefield: Bad Company will hit consoles at the end of this month, but I just got done logging some time with the demo available on Xbox Live. Bad Company is shaping up to be a solid game. I didn’t play the beta test earlier in the year, but I have to agree with everything Chuck outlined. The graphics are highly detailed and very smooth. Textures looked great and while there was a little pop in, the frame rate stayed pretty consistent. The single player side of the game was hectic and the difficulty felt pretty rough even on the normal setting. The atmosphere reminds me a little of Full Metal Jacket with elements of humor breaking the tension. I don’t know if the single player side of Bad Company will feel fresh to gamers, but the multiplayer is as good as ever. Battlefield has always been known for it’s multiplayer and I had a lot of fun with the online component of Bad Company. As always, the maps are huge and there are plenty of vehicles and weapons at your disposal. The game modes are smart and everything feels polished. Will Call of Duty 4 finally have some competition in the FPS category? In a couple of weeks we will know for sure.