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One online network to rule them all

by: John -
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It'll probably never happen. It's a pipe dream but one that I hold on to. Capcom sees the detriment in not having it. But what if instead of having a handle for each console out there there was one unified service for online gaming? Instead of creating a PSN ID, a 360 Live Account, and distributing a friends code on the Wii we all had one single point where it held our online gaming information. We don't have to have separate friends lists separated by consoles and we can send messages across to each other no matter what machine they are playing on. Take it a step further and imagine playing Quake Wars: Enemy Territories with people on the 360, PS3, and the PC. All your statistics would be aggregated into one area no matter which platform you played on. Online football leagues would span across all platforms. You'd have a greater range of people to play against. The closest we've come to currently and in play right now are the few cross platform games of the Xbox 360 and the PC. Console makers will never go for it because they want to control the online capabilities of their machine. Unfortunatly, it's just a dream and will probably stay that way. [READ MORE]