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Microsoft addresses XBLA delisting questions

by: Dan -
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In response to the questions that arose from a Next-Gen interview with Marc Whitten (where Whitten announced that XBLA titles would be delisted), Chris Paladino at Gamerscoreblog has posted a Q&A about the whole delisting process. This seems to explain what the selection process will entail, and also answer some of the questions that are being asked such such as how do I re-download a delisted title.  What is does not address are exactly what titles are in danger of getting the ziggy.  See the entire Q&A after the jump:

We've upped the XBLA size limit from 150mb to 350mb.

We've stated that underperforming games on XBLA may be delisted.  To be delisted, a game has to meet all three of the following criteria:

  • Been on the service for at least 6 months
  • Have less than a 65 Metacritic rating
  • Have a conversion rate of less than 6%

Now, let's get into your delisting questions:

Q: What's "conversion rate"?
A:  When people download a trial XBLA game, and then purchase that game, that's called a conversion.  So if less than 6% of all trials downloaded lead to full game purchases - that's one of the 3 criteria we look at when deciding to delist a game.

Q:  Why are you delisting games?
A:  We have a LOT of XBLA titles onto the service.  By filtering out the lower performing games, it will actually make it easier to find the games you really want.

Q:  If I bought a game, and deleted it, can I redownload it even if it's been delisted?
A:  Yes, you can.  Go to Download History under the Account Management section of marketplace (far left blade).

Q:  Can I still play a game after it's been delisted?  What about playing online?  What about leaderboards?
A:  Yes, yes, and yes.  The game will function normally even after being delisted.  You can continue to play the game single and multiplayer, as well as use the leaderboards as you normally would.