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Gaming Gibs for 5/16/98

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while reading the Foo Fighter's awesome tour rider:
  • Microsoft explains their policy on the word Gay in gamertags
  • Gory games cut crime?  Expect new lows of real world violence when Ninja Gaiden II hits
  • CBS buys C|Net (owner of Gamespot) for way more than it's worth
  • Is Call of Duty 4 a MMO?  I guess I missed the Morloc mission
  • Lucasarts gets pithy about the lack of multiplayer in Force Unleashed
  • Ars Technica takes Microsoft down a peg or two about the Xbox 360 numbers
  • New racing rig is totally awesome, Dave might have to sell the plane to get it though
  • Capcom wants to know which Street Fighter IV figure you want, no Stretch Armstrong Dhalsim available
  • Haze questions answered, I guess we find out next week if the game was worth the wait
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