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Elliot Bonnie
Things took a turn for the worst when Elliott suddenly started speaking with an Eastern European accent and decided to re-name his animals Niko and Roman. Oh yeah... I also hope to check out the demo for the Bourne Conspiracy if I am able to leave Liberty City for a couple of minutes.

Charles Husemann
This weekend I'll be playing a little Grand Theft Auto IV but mixing in some Kung Fu Panda, Team Fortress 2, and Echochrome. I think I also might fire up the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto IV and see if there's any real difference between the two versions.

Randy Kalista
During GTA IV multiplayer, the only time I racked up kills was in the lobby, during Cops and Crooks I put my car in the drink and spent the rest of the round swimming for the opposite shore, the only time I didn't finish in last place during the car races was when everybody stopped racing and started screwing around, during the boat races I dry-docked my boat on the pier when I went for a cautious ramp jump, and the first thing I did when I hopped into a helo was nose it right into the ground. This weekend, I'm heading back to the single-player campaign.

Dan Keener
Well, this is Mother's Day weekend, so the game playing will probably be taken down a notch. However, GTA IV will be in the Xbox 360 tray and I will be playing some multiplayer on Saturday night with XboxAmerica community members. I will also squeeze in some more Ratchet and Clank on the PS3 and Oblivion on the 360 for testing purposes for the Sanyo projector thats in the lab.

Matt Mirkovich
So I beat The World Ends With You, but it's got this massive end-game that looks like it will take another 30-40 hours to complete, and I'm really looking forward to it. This is probably one of the best games I've played all year, yeah I like it more than GTA IV. Since I'll be on the road it's mostly portables with Killzone: Liberation in the PSP.

Nathan Murray
This week I have a Magic the Gathering Tournament on Sunday which is being held as a sort of going away party for my buddy in the Marines who is shipping out soon. I haven't finished a game in a while and most of them are sitting on my shelf mocking me for being so lazy. GTA IV is also calling out my name.

Tyler Sager
I'll be playing through a little Universe at War and possibly, just possibly, convincing myself to pick up GTA IV. We'll just have to see how much willpower I have...
This is what we're playing, what about you gentle reader?  Leave what you're playing in the comments.

John Yan
Do I have to play anything other than GTA IV this weekend? I guess so but I probably won't. I'm starting to get into the meat of the story and the characters are pretty interesting. If there's any other game that I really would play that would be MLB 08 The Show as I continue to dominate the minor leagues and curse at management for keeping me down there.