GTA IV on Xbox Live and the Xbox 360

by: Dan -
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Here are the stats sent out by Microsoft on the performance of Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live. The numbers provided are quite impressive, but this is Microsoft's internal take from retailer feedback on the sales figures. We probably wont know the true impact until both the April and May NPD numbers have been released.

-Xbox 360 consoles increased by 54% week-over-week
-Retailers are telling Microsoft that 60% of GTA sales are on the Xbox 360
-The game is being attached to new console sales at a 40% clip (retailer info)
-2.3 million people played GTA IV on Xbox Live in the first week
-GTA IV is the #1 game on live
-There were one million concurrent users on live over the weekend
-Over 12 million achievements for 100 million gamerscore points unlocked
-Set a record of four hour average time spent playing GTA IV on Live

The Gamerscore Blog would like to congratulate Rockstar on the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV. GTA sold over 6 million units, and broke the entertainment record with over $500 million in sales.

We got some data from the US team, and we’re here to share that news with you:

-Actual MS sales data from last week shows Xbox 360 console sales at retail went up 54% week-over-week as a result of GTA's success
-According to retailers more than 60% of all GTA games sold in the first week were the Xbox 360 version
-Retailers are telling us that the game is attaching strongly to new console sales, with roughly 40% of new consoles selling with a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV

Regarding Xbox LIVE:

-In the first week, more than 2.3 million people played Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox LIVE
-GTA IV is now the number one played game on Xbox LIVE
-Over the weekend, we saw the Xbox LIVE service reach 1 million concurrent users
-Gamers have unlocked more than 12 million achievements worth over 100 million gamerscore points in GTA
-Grand Theft Auto IV set a new record for time played, with the average gamer spending more than four hours playing the game on LIVE in the first week alone