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Iron Man grosses over 100M at the Box Office, so much for the Grand Theft Auto IV effect

by: Chuck -
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While the weekend box office numbers aren't official yet, a quick peek at BoxOfficeMojo reveals that Iron Man grossed over $100M in ticket sales this weekend.  Normally we don't cover the box office stuff here but when the CEO of EA says that the sales of Grand Theft Auto IV will kill the weekend opening of a major summer movie it seems apt to cover it.  I'm sure GTA IV will bring in more money but in terms of overall people reached I think Iron Man has a slight edge.

One of the more frustrating things about covering the video game industry is the game industry's self confidence issue when it comes to it's place in the world.  There's this constant need to say we are better than something else or that we've grown bigger than the movie industry or the music industry and there's this constant craving for acceptance that comes with time and not with dollars spent per capita.  The game industry needs to realize that it is now a crucial part of the modern media framework rather than the little kid at the grown ups table and that it can co-exist with TV, movies, radio, and print magazines.  Until then it just sounds childish whining. 
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