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News Roundup: Off Road Trainz in the Dark

by: Randy -
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  • VIDEOS:  Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit "Trunks vs. Recoome" Trailer (WMV); Trainz: The Complete Collection Trailer; Battle of the Bands "Miss Murder" (WMV Low, WMV High), "That's the Way" (WMV Low, WMV High); Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Blind Guardian Video (QT, WMV); Exteel Updated Trailer (QT); Ford Racing Off Road Gameplay Trailer (QT); Boom Blox Trailer #2 (QT); Kart n' Crazy Feature Trailer (Small, HD).
Thanks to WarCry, Digit-Life, AtomicGamer, Cryptic Studios, Techgage, Legit Reviews, and Defunct Games for today's news roundup.