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Games for Windows magazine now online only

by: Chuck -
More On: EIC Ramblings
It looks like Games for Windows magazine (formerly Computer Gaming World magazine) has gone the online only route.  It's not much of a surprise but it it still sad to see one of the pioneering gaming rags shutting down for good. The number of print gaming magazines continues to shrink and you have to wonder if maybe it's time for the magazines to re-think their format a bit and try something different.  I'll miss GFW for the simple reason that the Vs. column in the back of the magazine but other than that it wasn't much of a resource

Maybe it's time to get rid of the reviews or at least re-think them.  Maybe it's time to focus on better in depth articles than just cranking out the same old stock interviews and previews.  Time will tell if they can adapt but as soon as I can surf the web in the bathroom it's all over for print.
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