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Saitek closing up shop?

by: Ben Berry -
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With the evolution of the gaming market these days, it's hardly a surprise to hear of another shop closing down. But this time, it's a bit sadder than normal, as it is Saitek that is rumored to be closing it's doors at the end of the month.

Purchased a few months ago by Mad Catz, purveyors of middling quality console hardware , it was speculated (and hoped) that Saitek would operate as an independant arm of the conglomerate, infusing some quality into a brand that frankly puts out a lot of crap. Sadly, it looks like Mad Catz will be absorbing a few chosen folks from the makers of such products as the X-52 Pro Flight System and the soon to be released Cyborg Keyboard, and letting everyone else move on.

I just find it confusing when a company like Saitek does so much right that a larger company wants to buy it, but then immediately begins jetisoning many of the people who helped make the company so successful. It's particularly misguided in this instance, where Mad Catz could clearly learn a lot about putting out, selling, and representing quality products from some of the people that aren't being brought over.

While the Saitek brand name will likely live on as part of the Mad Catz product line, it's unclear if the products will follow Saiteks quality processes, or simply wind up being the name brand Mad Catz uses to lure high end gamers into buying their run of the mill products. While I hope for the former, I won't be the least bit surprised by the later.