What we're playing this weekend

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Elliot Bonnie
Dark Sector and COD4... but wishing for GTA IV

Charles Husemann
This weekend I'll be taking a few more laps around the track with Gran Turismo 5 Prologe.  I'm really enjoying the game, even though I'm not a huge racing game fan.  I'm hoping John and I can wrap up Army of Two this weekend as I want to see how they wrap the game up and I imagine there will be some Team Fortress 2 and Condemned 2 played this weekend as well.

Randy Kalista
I'm going to be offline all weekend, attending a college bud's out-of-town wedding (not in Vegas).  But this week, in general, I've been having an absolute blast with Bully: Scholarship Edition.  I appreciate how one's ingrained high school behaviors indelibly emerge when playing this game:  I make out with the nerdy girls in the band hall and say What's Up? to the D&D geeks; my wife is straight-laced with relationships and refuses to do anything that might make her late for class.  Revealing stuff.

Matt Mirkovich
Crisis Core is dominating my PSP this week. I'm also going to hop on Live and give Condemned 2's online a look. The local arcade is open again so I'll be checking them out to see Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2, and Pop'n Music Fever. I'm also working on the Lost Odyssey review, I swear.

Nathan Murray
This weekend I will be finishing Bully Scholarship Edition. Blockbuster recently increased their rental time to 6 days so I'm hoping to finish before Saturday when its due back. I also rented Burnout: Paradise for the 360. The sense of speed you get from playing the game is amazing and completely blows away anything else I've seen. Unfortunately  Lost Odyssey is sitting in its case waiting to be finished. It might stay there until I'm done playing as Jimmy Hopkins.