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Gaming Gibs for 3/18/2008

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while worrying about the impending animal alcohol abuse epidemic:
  • Everquest turns 9 years old, next year they can ride in the front seat
  • GamerAlmighty has some tips to save the PSP...more great games like Patapon and Chains of Olympus left off the list.
  • IGN has a list of the ten worst Atari 2600 ports, I'm guessing Cyril's list is significantly longer.
  • Apparently gambling (the kind with dice) is a good skill for potential game developers to have.
  • Game|Life summarizes everything they know about the Wii for the rest of the year.  Personally I see lots of dust
  • Sony might unveil something big at E3 this year.  In other news the sun will probably come up tomorrow, grass is green.
  • John Carmack speaks, my head starts to hurt.  Take two CliffyB interviews and call me in the morning.
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