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NPD Numbers for February in - PS3 beats 360 again but still not enough to pass Nintendo

by: Chuck -
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The NPD numbers for February are out and it's pretty much the same thing we saw last month.  Remember when everyone was saying that this generation of console fights was going to be between the PS3 and the Xbox 360?  The semi-big story is that Microsoft's Xbox 360 once again lagged behind the PS3.  Microsoft claims "shortages" but I'm seeing a lot of units on shelves so I'm not sure that's really the case.  Here are the hardware numbers:

Nintendo DS: 587,600
Nintendo Wii: 432,000
PS2: 351,800
PS3: 280,800
Xbox 360: 254,600
PSP: 243,100

I wonder if we'll see a boost next month for the PSP as God of War: Chains of Olympus and Patapon have been pretty big hits for the system this month.

Call of Duty 4 once again reigned supreme on the software side with the Xbox 360 version selling 296,200.  The 360 version of Devily May Cry 4 outsold the PS3 version by a little over 60,000 units which is a bit closer than I thought it would be.  Oh well, it will be interesting to see if MS can catch up with supply for next month or if the PS3 will once again outsell the Xbox 360.
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