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Gaming Gibs for 3/11/2008

by: Chuck -
More On: EIC Ramblings
Welcome to the daily post formerly known as the Gaming Odds and ends post.  If you've got a better name please leave it in the comments.  Here are a few items I missed while learning how to take down a Terminator (not sure I could do this to one of the Summer Glau models though):
  • Will the recent European Xbox 360 price cuts put pressure on Sony to lower the price of the PS3?  Some people think so.
  • Hey look, a Derek Smart sighting.  It does take large, brass ones to offer a money back guarantee on your game though.
  • I play hockey to blow off steam, the folks at thatgamecompany crank out new PS3 games in under a day.
  • Want to know how Master Chief figures get made?  No, it's not a stock but rather an elaborate process at McFarlane Toys
  • Lawyers and patents suck.  Lawyers and video game patents really suck. 
  • The best way to speed up Vista?  Install XP
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