What we're playing this weekend

by: Chuck -
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Elliot Bonnie
This weekend looks to be filled with Army of Two Co-Op and multiplayer along side Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Not too bad for a "slow period" of game releases.

Charles Husemann
This weekend will be spent doing the writeup on Professor Layton and the Constant trips to Gamefaqs...err...Curious Village. After that I'll be spending some quality time with Army of Two, Patapon, and the usual trips to 2Fort in Team Fortress 2.

Randy Kalista
Without trying to shoehorn the topic, I'm going to draw some light comparisons between Mistwalker's JRPG Lost Odyssey and Homer's epic The Odyssey. Don't worry, I'm not schooled enough in either of them to wrangle the topic into anything too pompous. Also, Requiem: Bloodymare is starting to narrate my dreams with death-twitchy, blood-bathed Korean women. It's, uh, time to find a new MMO.

Cyril Lachel
I'm at a weird point in my game playing life, despite the fact that I still have several reviews to finish writing (which include, but are not limited to, the new Sam & Max game, Downstream Panic! and Poker Smash), I actually don't have anything substantial to play. Seeing that I have just under two months before all of my time will be stuck in Liberty City, I've decided to go back and put some more time into a few of the games I've all but forgotten about. I hope to be able to dig deeper into Sega Rally Revo, finally get my butt through all of Episode Two in The Orange Box, earn a couple more achievements in Skate, and play a few more innings of The Bigs. On top of that, I plan on beating all of my high scores in The Club and put that game to rest. It should be a fun and diverse weekend for me, hopefully I'll have enough games to go through before Grand Theft Auto IV shows up."

Matt Mirkovich
I just received an early build of Puchi Puchi Virus so I'll be working on that all weekend, look out soon for a review on that. I just picked up God of War: Chains of Olympus so that will be competing with Patapon for the UMD slot in my PSP. Also I'm at the tail end of Lost Odyssey, I know I say that a lot these days but I think I really mean it this time... I've only got to find all the pirates, find the invincible treasure chests, defeat the four optional bosses, locate every dream, open every treasure chest, and beat the final boss. I'm almost done, really.