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Gaming Odds and Ends

by: Chuck -
More On: EIC Ramblings
Here are some of the items I missed while wondering if we really need padded lampposts or not:
  • We have a Huxley sighting, the first in almost two years...looks like they've changed things up a bit as well.
  • The Gamerscore crew talks about achievement points and their impact on the Xbox 360.  I'm still waiting for a RROD Achivement.
  • Warren Spector and xkcd do a better job eulogizing Gary Gygax than I did.
  • Shacknews pranks one of their own, Dan and John should start getting paranoid
  • Air Force buys 300 cell processors for "Assessment'/LittleBigPlanet
  • Brother can you spare a review, Ziff Davis files for Chapter 11. Filing receives a 75% on Gamerankings
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