No GTA IV Demo or Sixaxis support

by: Dan -
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Videogamer.com recently had a chance of a lifetime, a visit to Rockstar's London London HQ to get a hands on with Grand Theft Auto IV.  Out of their meeting came some interesting items.  The first is that there will unlikely be a demo for the game.  The following quote from Rockstar pretty much quashes any hope of one:

"I'm sure there won't be. If there was we would have talked about it. With a game like this the guys at Rockstar North will want to spend every minute making the game look great. Most people know the concept of GTA anyway. I don't know that the demo is worth the time and effort.Also much of GTA 4 is the driving around and we wouldn't be able to give out the whole city. We would have to give away half the game for free. People would think Liberty City is a tiny city. You run into problems."

In addition, there will be no Sixaxis support for the PS3, ads will be for fictitious products, you can only customize Niko's clothing and there will be tons of minigames and online leaderboards.  Check out the complete report and new screenshots over at Videogamer.com.