What we're playing this weekend

by: Chuck -
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Elliot Bonnie
This weekend will probably include Super Mario Galaxy, Fable, COD4, and Wii Sports.

Seal Colleli
A good friend gave me a nice deal on Halo 3 Legendary Edition, so I'll be playing around with that. I'm also finishing up Spiderwick Chronicles, and making headway in Twisted Metal Head On.

Charles Husemann
After playing Jury Duty: Waiting for Something to Happen all week I'm looking forward to leading my followers across the desert in Patapon and hopefully trying to solve some mysteries with Professor Layton.  After that it will be finding optimal routes for the Scout in Team Fortress 2 in 2Fort and possibly some multiplayer Frontlines: Fuel of War.

Randy Kalista
These soft-spoken vignettes -- these recovered memories in Lost Odyssey -- are just insanely beautiful. I can't speak for the original writings in Japanese, but it sure doesn't feel like anything has been lost in translation here on the American side. If it wasn't for all that, I might have moved on and taken a chance on Lost: Via Domus (no relation). Ah well. All is not lost.

Kolby Kappes
Pata-pon  looks very interesting, but not interesting enough for me to buy a PSP for. I’ll have to go borrow one? In Pirates of the Burning Sea we’re flourishing in our new home of Anitgua. Spain just won the map, so I’ll be experiencing what it’s like after a map reset. I’m sure the British will come back in force this time.

Matt Mirkovich

I'm on disc 3 of Lost Odyssey, and I'll probably finish it off this weekend. There is also a Tekken 6 machine showing up at an arcade near my place, so I'll probably be hanging out there all weekend.

Tyler Sager
More Sins of a Solar Empire for me, with some Assassin's Creed in the mix.