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Gaming Odds and Ends

by: Chuck -
More On: EIC Ramblings
Here are a few things I missed while wondering why the world needs a $140,000 Hot Wheels car:
  • Goldeneye is still not coming to Xbox Live.  Can we leave this alone now?
  • Lyndon LaRouche is starting to win the crazy war with Jack Thompson
  • GameSetWatch reveals what is really going on with the Xbox Live Arcade royalty rates.  Journalism FTW!
  • LucasArts reveals that they will be starting with the PS3 version of games and then dumbing them down for the 360.  Also we could have had wookies/exploding Rancors in Force Unleashed.
  • The Wii could pass the Xbox 360 in June, I guess this means we'll actually see either of them on shelves this year.
  • I have no idea what this game is but I bet Cyril does.  How many other games make a cameo in this game?
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