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Sony exec outlines PSN strategy

by: Chuck -
The folks at MTV have a posted their recent interview with John Hight, the director of product development for Santa Monica Studios in which they cover what Sony's strategy for the PlayStation Network is.  PS3 owners who wonder why there aren't a lot of games or demos on the service should read this as it outlines Sony's strategy of quantity over quality and how they are being a bit more experimental with what games they are putting out. 

Honestly I kind of like this approach as Sony is doing a better job of putting more innovative titles (flOw, Everyday Shooter) on the service as well as some of the standard shooter stuff that XBLA is known for (Super Stardust HD, Blast Factor).  I'd like to see more games on the service but as long as I get an outstanding title like Everyday Shooter every few months I think I'll be happy.