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My WTF moment of the day 2/18

by: Dan -
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I found the first (and one of the craziest) ignorant comments regarding gaming consoles and how how the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray format war ending will impact them.  Apparently this so-called analyst with ABI Research, Serene Fong, has decided that the Xbox 360 will suffer "negative" impact due to the HD-DVD format going kaput.  Here are her comments in a Reuters article (quote split over the 2nd and 3rd pages):
"The PS3 is also a Blu-ray player, priced very affordably, and many early adopters of Blu-ray are using the PS3 precisely for this purpose," said Serene Fong, analyst with ABI Research.  "Microsoft's Xbox 360, which uses the HD DVD format, will see a very negative impact in terms of console sales."
Nice try, but I really don't think this will "negatively" impact the Xbox 360...because it uses a standard DVD-ROM drive.  The HD-DVD is an optional add-on and is not built into the console.  I always get concerned when people like this make predictions and and provide analysis that affects the stock market and our investments.  <shakes head>