What we're playing this weekend

by: Chuck -
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Elliot Bonnie
Looks like the usual suspects on the 360 this weekend... COD4, Gears of War, and possibly some Mass Effect. I am counting the minutes until Bully: SE comes out and I am hoping that Army of Two is a worth while romp.

Sean Colleli
For some reason I've been playing a lot of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. I forgot just how good it is. The gameplay is easily the best of the series (the 3D camera clinches it), although MGS1's story is slightly better. And MGS2...did anybody like Sons of Liberty? I've also been playing some Descent 1 and Decent 2, you gotta revisit the old mid 90's classics once in a while.

Charles Husemann
I'll be spending more time with the preview build of God of War: Chains of Olympus as well as trying out the demo of Patapon that Sony released on Friday. I would imagine that a good deal of time will be spent seperating heads from bodies in Team Fortress 2 (sniper FTW) and maybe a little time with Lost Odyssey.

Randy Kalista
Despite my best efforts, Pirates of the Burning Sea hasn't been able to keep my attentions undivided. Yes, I'll testify that the hot ship-on-ship action is everything it should be (gawd, it's awesome), but I won't be able to completely hold down my breakfast until Flying Labs seriously -- and I mean: seriously -- addresses hand-to-hand combat. It's embarrassing. In the meantime, I'll travel 1,000 years down Memory Lane with Lost Odyssey's amnesiac pretty-boy lead.

Kolby Kappes
DMC4 – My 360 has been getting lonely and this arrived from GameFly this week. Pirates of the Burning Sea as I still am not quite over this one yet. I’ll have more scheming as we work on conquering the evil British and the hated French.

Dan Keener
I will be continuing my review of the Panasonic AX200 Gaming projector by hitting it with some HD-DVD content, using it as a monitor for my laptop and watching the great American Race in HD on Sunday. Also in the house is another projector, that Chuck and I hope to hang on the ceiling on Saturday. As far as gaming goes, I imagine some Rock Band, Burnout Paradise and possibly some Call of Duty 4 campaign are in the works on the Xbox 360. If i can slip in the time, maybe a little Halo 2 Vista, Gears of War and Crysis Demo on the PC.

Matt Mirkovich
I'm getting close to the end of Devil May Cry 4, so I'll probably be able to complete that this weekend. I also picked up Lost Odyssey, awesome package and all to play. Whenever I go out I've got my DS and Professor Layton and The Curious Village on hand, now if only I could find a working hotspot to get the new puzzles every week.

Tyler Sager
I'll be playing more Sins of a Solar Empire, mostly. I might break out a little Folklore for a change of pace, but it's going to primarily be another weekend of galactic conquest.