Take a virtual tour of Liberty City at new GTA IV website

by: Chuck -
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Rockstar has launched a new website for Grand Theft Auto IV that allows you to explore a bit of Liberty City.  Here's the brief description from Rockstar on what you can do at the site:

"Today, you are invited to take your first steps into our fictional world of Liberty City as well.  Meet-up with Niko's cousin Roman at his cab company in Broker. Be first in line for an on-stage performance in Star Junction. Test out your fizz-handling skills at the Sprunk soda HQ in Alderney. Analyze your 'Love Meet' compatibility while strolling through Algonquin, then swing by the Steinway Beer Garden in Dukes for a pint. This is only the first taste of what's out there to discover in Liberty City."

From the impressions I've been reading around the internet and seeing on TV it looks like the play area in the game isn't as big as previous games but rather it's denser (there's a length vs. girth comment here but whatever).  Only a few more weeks until the game his shelves and the controversy (real or imagined) begins.