What we're playing this weekend

by: Chuck -
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Elliot Bonnie
Burnout Paradise has sunk its claws into me and I am also toying around with Call of Juarez. Hopefully if I have time I will fire up another round of Mass Effect to celebrate the DLC coming soon.

Sean Colleli
I'll be playing more MX vs. ATV Untamed for the DS and PS2, trying to get those reviews done this weekend. I also picked up Mass Effect, which is good so far except for what I call "DRS" (Dead Rising Syndrome). In other words, the game's text is designed for an HDTV, so people like me living in the stone age of composite SD can easily go blind trying to read the tiny letters. This is especially bad with a text-heavy RPG like Mass Effect. I'll be stocking up on the eye drops, at least until I can afford an HDTV.

Charles Husemann
This weekend will be spent with the PS3 version of Timeshift, Time Crisis 4, with a dash of Team Fortress 2 tossed in for kicks. I've got Sins of A Solar Empire sitting on my hard drive but I fear that playing the game will cause for the sudden loss of many hours of my life.

Randy Kalista
One painful result from playing MMOs -- and maintaining a daytime 8 to 5 -- is that it can turn a player into a one-trick pony. I don't have multiple discs in heavy rotation right now, since my initial free 30 days for Pirates of the Burning Sea forces time to be of the essence. Still, out of a misplaced sense of socio-political duty, I also try to squeeze in a session of PeaceMaker. Nothing bolsters your strategy-building confidence like inciting the Third Intifada between Israel and Palestine in under 13 weeks of kludgy leadership decisions.

Kolby Kappes
More Pirates of the Burning Sea – because I love killing Frenchmen! Probably some DMC4 and some No More Heroes thrown in there as well. Nothing like geysers of blood to pass the time.

Matt Mirkovich
Picked up Devil May Cry 4. Here is to hoping that it's not the mess that DMC2 was. Check the old review to see why it was less than what I expected. I've also got some new songs downloaded for Rock Band. And Charles dropped Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al Rhevis in to my mailbox so I'll be playing that with a preview coming shortly!

Tyler Sager
Although I need to put a few more hours in to give Eye of Judgement a good look, I have no doubts that most of my gaming time for the weekend is going to be spent with Sins of a Solar Empire.

John Yan
I will be playing with Visual Studio 2008 as I update the site. I'll find time to run a few tests for a video card I am reviewing and running through some PlayStation 3 functionality with a keyboard that was sent to me by Logitech. I'll probably try to get a few sessions of Team Fortress 2 in there.