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News Roundup: Mario Condemned to Kane's Wrath

by: Randy -
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Demos (i.e., stuff to do because Sins of a Solar Empire is sold out at your local game store and you can't digitally download it because your credit cards are maxed out.)
  • Shadowgrounds Survivor both English and German demos for this third-person alien slaughtering action game.
  • Terrorist Takedown 2, an English demo for this upcoming first-person shooter.
  • Smash Online English open beta for this free-to-play tennis MMO.
  • Silverfall: Earth Awakening French and German demos for this fantasy add-on.
  • Hornet Leader v1.02 demo gets you in a turn-based cockpit of air combat strategy.
  • Theater of War v1.10.1.81 WWII RTS demo.
Videos, Screenshots
  • I4U News has an editor's choice award waiting for the OCZ Rally 2 Turbo 4GB Flash Drive.
  • In WarCry Age of Conan opinion column, they try to figure out exactly "How to Land a Jumbo Jet."
  • They also report on Blizzard's "Flurry of Ideas" coming out of D.I.C.E.
  • EVE Online (probably the most constantly-reviewed game in MMOs) is getting yet another review (in two parts) from MMORPG.com.
  • The U.S. version of Age of Conan is going to look a bit different from other global releases of the game -- Dan Fortier examines this in his MMOWTF blog.
  • After a few days with Turok, ActionTrip digs up a review for this "bad-ass dinosaur slayer."
  • Killer Betties checks out just how how far you can take One Piece: Unlimited Adventure.
Thanks to I4U, AtomicGamer, WarCry, MMORPG.com, ActionTrip, and Killer Betties for today's news roundup.