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Devil May Cry 4 initial load time on PS3 is 22-25 minutes

by: Dan -
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Don't panic, as Capcom has addressed this on their official community blog. Basically, when you first load the Devil May Cry 4 disk into the PS3, it takes about 22-25 minutes to load a few gigs of data on the hard drive. While waiting, you get treated to a series of screens that catch you up on the DMC4 back story. Once the data is loaded, Chris "Kramez" Kramer of Capcom promises "near-Super Nintendo speed load times". He also compared this to loading a PC game. In other words, to make the game load ultra quick, DMC4 puts a ton of data on your hard drive so it pulls it from there instead of the disk. This is a one time deal unless you delete everything Devil May Cry related off the hard drive.
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