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Music Games causing people to look past playing real instruments? Are you kidding me?

by: Dan -
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You knew it was bound to happen, especially with the way violence in video games has been getting hammered for years.  Now, a company (Music Go Round) has come out and declared that music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band are causing society to lose focus on the benefits of playing real instruments.  Umm, how about a resounding NOT!!  No offense to the folks over at Music Go Round, but they are living in a pipe dream if they think video game fans would be playing the violin or trumpet instead of rocking out to Metallica.  Most schools have music programs that begin about the fourth grade and carry upward.  By the time you hit middle school, you either are playing in the band or playing sports, all while playing video games.
I personally think that they have it all backwards, as kids (and adults) playing video games would probably have zero interest in music instruments at all without the likes of Rock Band and Guitar Hero.  With so many becoming expert players in game, how many of these young masters of the plastic may decide to check out what it is like to play the drums, bass or electric guitar for real to see if they can do it?  I don't know either, but this proclamation by Music Go Round trying to blame video games for a lack of real world instrument play is poorly thought out and about the dumbest thing I have heard in a long time.  Music Go Round take note, I am 36 years old and have NO interest in playing a musical instrument.  I play a video game that utilizes musical style controllers, but it is not keeping me from blossoming into the next James Taylor.  Enjoy your five minutes of publicity I gave you...
Check out the whole release from Music Go Round after the jump:
Feb 05, 2008 11:10

Music Go Round Asks: 'Rocking Out' with Video Games or Musical Instruments?

Music Go Round(R) shows how music-themed video games have caused society to lose focus on the benefits of playing real musical instruments

MINNEAPOLIS --(Business Wire)-- Feb. 5, 2008 It's time to face the music: today, young adults - and older ones too - are more interested in playing music through video games, especially with games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band on retail shelves.

Last year alone, the video game industry came in with close to $18 billion in sales, higher than any other year, according to Digital Trends News. However, Tim Kletti, brand director for Music Go Round(R), says people are missing out on the benefits of playing a real instrument because of the recent video game monomania.

"It's unfortunate that instruments have taken a back seat," Kletti said. "We have seen first-hand the positive effects that both the young and old receive from playing musical instruments. It helps them express themselves and sparks creativity and imagination. You can't get that same learning and experience through a video game controller."

Kletti lists the advantages of learning how to play a musical instrument:

-- Achievement - Although learning how to play a musical instrument is challenging; once achieved, the feeling obtained is invaluable.

-- Creativity - Music is one of the arts, and after learning how to play a musical instrument, your mind expands beyond belief.

-- Fun - Whether it's jazz, rock or country, music has always been a way for people to express themselves and to simply find enjoyment.

The store's guitar selection is popular, as it provides a wide variety for rock lovers and others that are following the trend of guitar playing, Kletti said.

"It's quite amazing to see the fun that our young patrons, and our older customers, get out of playing musical instruments right in our store. To know that you have learned to make music from an instrument is a feeling like no other," Kletti said. "We really want to encourage young people in the community that playing an actual instrument is far more exciting than trying to do it through a video game."