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One company gets it about DRM

by: John -
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Stardock's a company that gamers should support. They sell their games without DRM. Just pop in the DVD, install, and you're good to go. You don't need th DVD in the drive to play and your key affords you new updates and patches. It's funny to hear on the Sins of Solar Empire blog about how one big name publisher thought they would go bankrupt. The game Stardock was releasing with the no DRM model was Galactic Civilizations II. It went on to sell a great deal and earn Stardock a lot of money.

I'm coming from the ole C64 days when the piracy scene was pretty big so  I can understand companies wanting to protect their product. The problem is there's no scheme out there that can't be broken and as seen by the BioShock fiasco, can turn off ordinary customers by being too constrictive.  Perhaps because of the way DRM has evolved over the years and how bad it can be, people are starting to reward companies without any restrictions. We just want our stuff to work and not be hassled into proving that our copy of the game is legitimate. 

Stardock deserves a lot of praise and your money for doing what they are doing. They are producing high quality games and trusting their customers to purchase it. So far it's working and while I don't see any of the major companies coming around to this in the hear future, let's hope they see this as a model on how to do business these days.