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Rumor: Sony Having a PS3 Identity Crisis?

by: Dan -
Apparently, Gizmodo landed a leaked internal memo from Best Buy that indicates the electronics retailer will be no longer carrying the 80GB PS3, and will only have the 40GB model available. This is the only PS3 without PS2 backwards compatibility. In addition to this new, there are rumors that Sony is planning on releasing another new SKU for the PS3, which would have a 120 or 160 HD and the new Dualshock 3 controller(with rumble goodness). Regardless of your opinion of the Playstation 3, Sony has contributed to the stunting of the consoles growth by constantly changing the specs, cost and size of the hard drive. People want one machine that does everything at a price point around $400. It really isn't that hard of a thing to figure out...